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Enjoy the best quality of Banisteripsis Caappi that we can bring to your doorstep. Our products are 100% organic and treated with the most traditional methods to bring you the freshest plants, free of pesticides or chemical preservatives. Our Ayahuasca bark is known for its contributions to conventional medicine to improve stress and anxiety.

Banisteriopsis caapi, found mainly in South America, is also known as Caapi, Yagé, and Yaje as a medicinal vine that creates hallucinogenic effects and is an important part of the religious gatherings of indigenous communities in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, and Venezuela. Our presentation of Yagé is one of the most effective that allows us to make relaxing teas and generates an effect of peace and tranquility.

We are a sustainable company that supports the environment and has farmers who plant and harvest Banisteriopsis caapi vines daily. We can provide a constant distribution for our most loyal customers without neglecting the care and love for the planet. Formerly the plant was used by indigenous leaders to improve their perception. However, today it can be consumed responsibly by anyone interested in maintaining a state of calm and relaxation or used for traditional medicine.

This plant prefers tropical climates and can reach up to 30 meters long. In addition, it is a climbing vine that needs supports that can be walls or other plants larger than itself, which allow it to develop and grow to its maximum; The plant is capable of producing flowers, leaves, and fruits; however, it is its bark that can be used to create psychedelic effects and help treat certain ailments.

Indians praise this plant because of its effects on addictive or depressive patients. It has been shown that people who consume this plant regularly have improved in these aspects notoriously. The most common way to ingest it is through infusions that you can make by adding enough water to cook the amount of bark you want; after cooking, lower the heat to a minimum and let it cook over low flame for about four hours to extract all its properties.

After four hours of cooking, strain the mixture to eliminate the pieces of liana that should not be ingested. If you wish, you can add more water and boil a little more, or add a few tablespoons of lemon juice or vinegar that will make the active substances extracted faster.

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