the best Copal Incense available for purchase | Copalquahuitl | Bursera copallifera | copalli tree

We have the best copal tree incense brought from Central and Southern Mexico to the United States in handmade incense sticks, well known in indigenous cultures. Our products are totally natural and successfully approved by the best laboratories to provide our most demanding customers with the best quality.

The Copal incense is one of the main conductors that is an essential part of Mesoamerican indigenous cultures and customs, which serves to achieve a state of relaxation and calmness as well as helping to clean and remove bad energy from spaces or items, leaving an opening for positive changes to occur. Our Copal Incense presentation is one of the most effective due to its high concentration, allowing our customers to witness its powerful effects immediately.

Many years ago, this incense was recognized by the name of “iztacteteo” or “white god” due to the color of the smoke it gave off, and the inhabitants of the Aztec capital had high respect for it within their religious ceremonies, to burn it in homage to their gods. Although many of these rituals are no longer practiced as much, this incense is still the protagonist in the traditional medicine of contemporary indigenous communities to treat respiratory problems, headaches, toothaches, and uterus strangulation.

Also known for its ability to awaken the senses, our customers use this copal extract inside their homes to ward off fear, bad influences, and witchcraft or burn them in incense burners and pass them through the sick person’s body to ward off all evils.

In Mexico, this incense is known for its pleasant smell and is used especially in the festivities of Holy Week or the Day of the Dead; to this day can not miss in any of these typical festivities, which are of utmost importance to the communities and despite its enormous demand, thanks to the fact that it is a strong tree and far from being in danger of extinction, our suppliers can guarantee a constant source of this product without harming the planet earth.

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