the highest quality Damiana in the USA | Turnera diffusa | turnera | oreganillo

We offer you the best quality damiana leaves harvested in the mountains of Mexico, in healthy environments and free of pesticides or fertilizers; our product is 100% organic and natural. For many years this plant has been used as a digestive stimulant or relaxant, and today it is possible to bring our best presentation to your door.

Turnera Diffusa, better known as oreganillo, shepherd’s lettuce or Damiana, is a shrub with yellow flowers and small aromatic green leaves, which are well known from South Texas to South America and the Eastern Caribbean. Our plants are harvested by expert growers in Mexico who do not use any preservative or filler chemicals to guarantee a 100% concentrated product.

Damiana has been well known in Mexico for its healthful properties obtained through soothing teas, herbal blends for smoking, macerating as a damiana essence or infusing its properties into a liqueur, and has even been used as a dye to dye all kinds of costumes. For the ancient Aztecs in the lands of South America and Central America, it was a very traditional drink, and nowadays, its popularity has been maintained due to the effects it provides to its consumers.

The consumption of this herb in teas is known to cause remarkable effects on the sexual desire of people. In addition, it is excellent for boosting mood, is a good digestive stimulant, is ideal for stress, severe headaches or just as a tasty drink for children. On the other hand, nowadays, customers prefer to consume it in liqueurs or herbal smoke in more modern times.

Our presentation of Damiana allows you to ingest it the way you like; you can flavour your liqueurs, extract its essence, make relaxing teas or smoke it. This yellow flower comes from a tropical shrub and is very common in Southwest Texas, Brazil, Mexico and other places. However, although it is highly praised, it is recommended that those diabetic or pregnant consult with their doctor avoid any dangerous side effects.

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