the best quality of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose / Argyreia nervosa / lysergic pink / elephant litter

We bring the best quality of Hawaiian baby Woodrose originating from India, Africa and Australia; since its antiquity has worked for medicinal purposes and today remains an excellent choice for joints and a good anti-inflammatory. We distribute the best presentations of Argyreia Nervosa, cultivated with superior methods and 100% free of chemicals.

Our quality Hawaiian baby woodrose is one of the best on the market due to the cultivation methods employed by expert growers in Hawaii, who keep the crops in the cold and dark while retaining a high content of essential oils. This perennial climbing plant develops beautiful flowers that are often used to adorn gardens, however, our customers are attracted to its psychoactive effects that help with emotional changes and purify the body of toxins and disease.

The lysergic rose, elephant stretcher or better known in English as Hawaiian baby woodrose is a plant that grows naturally in the Indian Subcontinent, however, it has been introduced in other parts of the world such as Hawaii, Africa and the Caribbean.the plant can be a bit invasive due to its fast growth but some people prefer them in quantity due to the pretty appearance of its flowers. On the other hand, the most sought after part of this plant to ingest are its potent seeds.

These seeds contain a high concentration of psychoactive compounds that create hallucinations and also have beneficial properties for the body such as anti-tumor, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, however, it can cause not so favorable effects due to its other properties that may cause stomach upset or nausea, where mostly the substances responsible for such effects are found in the shell of the seed.

All our plants are completely organic and although we use the most traditional and natural methods to achieve good results, many times it is advisable to ingest only the inner part of the seeds to avoid unpleasant effects. The best options to consume it is to let the seed germinate in water to be able to peel it easily, crush it and add it to meals or make relaxing teas.

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