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If you are interested in acquiring one of the most difficult plants to get (unless it is in its natural habitat), this is the right place for you since we have available fresh and preserved Yopo seeds that will help you in everything you need. Thanks to its effective medicinal and spiritual properties.

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We have available any quantity of Yopo you need; the freshest seeds taken care of for our best customers like you; this way, your medicines and spiritual encounters can be more effective and real. We obtain our products directly from Peru, where you can find both species of Yopo, like Anadenanthera peregrine and Anadenanthera colubrina.

Thanks to our wonderful suppliers, we can say that we have the best products the Yopo since our production is focused more on quality than quantity. We care about selling you the best outcome no matter how much you need; our production lots are good quality and are completely available for anyone who needs it.

Thanks to our Yopo product, thousands of people have tried these wonderful seeds and personally experienced positive effects. What are you waiting for to try it? Yopo is one of the most difficult plants to obtain since the easiest way to find its seeds is in its natural area of origin.

The Anadenanthera Peregrina of Amazonian origin is one of the most exotic plants due to its difficult job to find outside its natural habitat. Usually, few people can afford to buy it due to its high price. However, no detail escapes us; if you buy these wonderful seeds with us, you will not have to worry so much about the price since the cost of our products is extremely accessible.

Despite being different, the seeds of Anadenanthera peregrina are almost indistinguishable from Anadenanthera colubrina. However, both are called “Yopo”, although it is worth mentioning that Anadenanthera peregrine is the true Yopo used in several places internationally.

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