The best quality in Chaliponga / Diplopterys cabrerana / chagropanga / yajé-uco

We can offer you the best herbs that are 100% natural and free of additional additives, so this time we show you Chaliponga, a plant native to the Amazon, commonly found in countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador, known for its healing properties, since in ancient times, it was used by shamans for healing purposes.

It is a tropical plant whose scientific name is Diplopterys cabrerana; it sprouts four tiny pink flowers with five petals each, its leaves are broad pointed, and green; it is in this part where the largest amount of DMT is found, it is said that also in the stem of the plant we can find it, so here in we have a variety of presentations to guarantee originality and purity in each one.


Therapeutic use for psychiatric illnesses

Although scientific research on the effects of this plant is not fully known, currently, it can be determined that its action is focused on the central nervous system; the substance contained in this plant can produce inhibition of the central nervous system and neuronal activity of the cerebral cortex which in turn makes abstinence of sensations, thoughts, and perception; therefore, it is used in people with nervous diseases, personality disorders, depression or any other related to an emotional condition.

In addition, in a scientific study, it was evidenced that DMT can induce the activity of neural stem cells, thus stimulating the production of new neurons.

When you buy one of our products, you will not only be getting quality, but you will have the security and efficacy in each of them since they have been rigorously selected and packaged precisely to guarantee their purity and, therefore, a practical effect when used for different purposes.

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