The Highest Quality in maca / Lepidium meyenii / maino / chichira

We have the best quality maca root on the market. We have 100% organic and natural products with excellent harvesting procedures in the Andes Mountains, carefully selected for you. We provide this tuber for those customers who wish to cure diseases such as male infertility and improve stress, anxiety, and hormonal problems after menopause.

Lepidium meyenii, Maino, Chichiri, better known as “Maca,” is one of the most significant herbaceous plants for the Incas. Years ago consumed it and used it in their religious ceremonies for their rituals and dances. Today we bring this plant to our customers to help them maintain a healthy mood, support women in their post-menopausal process with blood pressure and improve the nervous system.

This plant, native to Peru, has been proven to work effectively as an excellent aphrodisiac, increasing sexual desire in humans. It grows both wild and in specialized cultivation in the coldest and harshest regions where no other plant that can sustain man could reproduce; however, maca has the advantage of growing and being cultivated freely with strong sun exposure, extreme cold, low oxygen, and strong winds.

We are confident that our suppliers bring the best maca content because thanks to the climatic conditions in the Andes Mountains, they can grow freely and with an ideal climate to maintain all its properties and substances until they reach your home, where you can eat them dry, fresh, crush its roots and make mazamorras, boil them or prepare the famous chicha de maca, typical of the places where it is harvested.

Besides being carefully transported to the United States, our products are free of preservatives or chemical pesticides, which may alter their nature and impair their effectiveness in the health of our customers. This root has been used for more than 3 thousand years in therapeutic methods. Today, it continues to be an excellent option for those who wish to improve their lifestyle and help fight infections.

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