Blue Lotus lotus Dried Flowers


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We have to offer you the best quality blue lotus flowers, originally from Asia and used by many people around the world for its medicinal qualities. This product is cultivated in a completely natural way and thanks to this process we guarantee a flower that can be easily used in any preparation method you choose.

Its cultivation is meticulous, delicate and in the most traditional way possible, it does not require the use of any pesticide, fertilizer or any other chemical that may affect its composition or damage the environment where it grows. This beautiful aquatic plant normally grows in ponds, lagoons, pools and even swamps, increasing its natural reproduction and adapting to any type of space. In this way we ensure that its properties remain intact.

The Nymphaea caerulea is a plant admired by ancient Egyptian civilizations and is closely related to spirituality and fortune, its beauty makes it ideal for ornamental decorations in your home, in addition to a large number of medicinal uses that you can extract from its roots, leaves and flowers. By consuming its flowers through infusions you can enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.

  • It is a stimulant for blood circulation and at the same time increases oxygenation of the organs.
  • Since ancient times it has been used as an expectorant and decongestant.
  • Its antioxidant properties benefit daily skin care.
  • Increases hair shine and reduces frizziness.
  • Combat and control stomach discomfort, its properties help eliminate bacteria from the body.
  • It contains a lot of potassium, which regulates body fluids, relaxes blood vessels and the tension of the cardiovascular system.
  • It is ideal to consume after a long day’s work, as it helps to relieve muscle tension and stress.

This water lily is known to contain some psychotropic alkaloids, which can produce some euphoric effects and increase sexual appetite, use with caution!


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