Calea zacatechichi


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From the southern regions of Mexico we bring directly to you the best leaves of Calea Zacatechichi that you can get today.This plant is revered and appreciated among the inhabitants of the region for its properties, which you can enjoy safely thanks to the quality of the product that we put in your hands.

The product we offer you is harvested from Calea Zacatechichi plants that have enjoyed the best care and growing conditions, using only organic products free of all kinds of harmful chemicals harmful to your health. Only the best leaves of the best specimens are harvested, treated and properly preserved and packaged to guarantee you a totally natural and high quality product, which retains intact all its properties.

The ingestion of the leaves of this plant, also known as bitter grass, thepelakano or herb of dreams, has certain therapeutic capabilities that can be useful, such as:

  • Effectively fighting fever
  • Powerful astringent
  • Anti-colic
  • Prevents and combats stomach upset, nausea and diarrhea

But it is not these properties that make Calea such a sought after and revered herb. Its greatest virtue lies in its great ability to provoke profound dream experiences, specifically very vivid and long-lasting lucid dreams.

The leaders of different Central American tribes use this herb as a fundamental part of their rituals, as they assure that it gives them a deeper access to their subconscious through dreams, obtaining information that will be useful in their day to day life.

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