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The sense of smell is one of the most sensitive, through it we can awaken a myriad of sensations, so we have been concerned about creating one of the most coveted products for lovers of aromatherapy. The copal incense, extracted directly from the tree, processed and converted into the best 100% organic essence, transformed into a fine stick that when lit releases the softest aroma; we guarantee a pleasant atmosphere with this product for 45 minutes.

Copal incense has been used in indigenous cultures for centuries to perform rituals and sacred ceremonies. It is said that the smoke of burning copal purifies the air and connects with the divine.

It is made from the sap of a tree (copalquáhuitl in Nahuatl) native to Mexico and Central America, it is a type of aromatic extract that has a fresh, intense, relaxing and woody scent, with slightly sweet notes. Its fragrance is said to be uplifting and promotes spiritual awareness, purifies the air and creates a relaxing atmosphere, attracting positive energy and repelling negative energy.

Properties of Copal incense

The exceptional and unique aroma that it possesses gives it a greater value when combined with different resins, barks and plants. The therapeutic properties also make this incense widely used in aromatherapy.

Its energy affects the central nervous system, which impacts a person’s mind. Copal incense is used to achieve different objectives, as it is used as an analgesic to relieve pain, expectorant to helpwith the expulsion of phlegm and to reduce stress and depression, as it stimulates the emotions and improves mood.

Copal incense harmonizes and protects on spiritual levels and connects with high vibrations increasing personal energy.

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