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We offer the best selection of kanna, brought directly from the African continent, known by its scientific name (Sceletium tortuosum). Our kanna is harvested and shipped under strict quality standards, obtained 100% naturally, without preservatives to maximize its natural antidepressant, analgesic and mood-boosting properties.

Kanna is a plant of the hemp family, for centuries and in various parts of the world has been used in traditional East Asian medicine as a recreational hallucinogen. As some studies support that it raises serotonin levels providing the above mentioned effects.

Find it available in our stock in powder form in three presentations, packs of 28, 113 and 230 gr.

Properties Of Kanna

Sceletium tortuosum contains seven different active alkaloids, of which mesembrine, mesembranol, mesembrenone and mesembrenol are the four that have been most studied and have demonstrated a much purer concentration of alkaloids in the dry plant matter.

These substances act by inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that has the greatest impact on mood, emotions, sleep, hunger, and social behavior; providing more serotonin to the receptor site is the first step in converting it.

The effect can create a warm and satisfying feeling, providing open interaction with the world, increased speech and energy, but at the same time relaxation, heightened sensitivity to touch and analgesia to certain pains . Often there is an increased alertness or energy and then a sedative-tranquilizing result.

However, in high doses, kanna has the opposite effect in a short time, it becomes sedativewhichfacilitates muscle relaxation, sleep and memory impairment. It is practically impossible to carry out any project or activity if the person experiences these effects.


28gr, 113gr, 230gr

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