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Having a relaxed and calm life is necessary for a good mental and physical health, if you have problems with insomnia or anxiety do not worry anymore, we invite you to try our presentation of Passionflower, the best natural product to combat lack of sleep and mental stress.

We have the best passionflower on the market, originally from Mexico, cultivated with the greatest care and with the most traditional methods, we guarantee a product one hundred percent natural, with the greatest effectiveness, recognized and endorsed by the European Medicines Agency and our demanding clientele.

Passionflower is a climbing plant, which has been used in naturopathic medicine since the times of the Aztec civilization, for its sedative effects . Itcan be consumed by people of any age and sex, including children, as long as its dosage is controlled according to age and weight. Since it does not generate any side effects or dependence.

We have Passionflower in its different presentations:

  • Powdered: which is recommended consumption between 0.5 and 2 grams one to four times per day.
  • Infusions: take one or two grams in 150 milliliters of water, maximum three times a day.
  • Extract: consume 2 to 4 milliliters up to four times a day.

Passionflower is very beneficial as a medicinal herb, thanks to the fact that in its components are flavonoids, which are inhibitors of the central nervous system and is attributed the following benefits:

  • Calm anxiety and insomnia.
  • It has antispasmodicproperties.
  • Reduce the symptoms of the climacteric period.
  • Prevent indigestion.
  • Moderates heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Calms menstrualcramps and pains.

Be confident that you will get the best natural products, treated under strict standards of hygiene and safety, at reasonable prices, protected products, guaranteed deliveries without geographical limitations, or quantity and with all the advantages of the Online market.


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