Pueraria mirifica, better known as butea superba, is a highly praised shrub for treating sexual problems, as well as being proven effective as traditional medicine for some ailments. It is essential to know the contraindications and side effects of butea superba if you plan to consume it, as, although it is considered very safe for the general public today, it is always advisable to use this shrub with caution to avoid possible short and long term consequences.

Side effects butea superba

Uses and Benefits of the Plant

The main uses of butea superba are related to sexual desires or, in other words, erectile dysfunction, but this does not mean that it does not have other medicinal benefits, which may be the result of the concentration of isoflavones and flavonoid glycosides. Among the most common benefits are the following:

Erectile Dysfunction

This plant was traditionally known as the best remedy for treating erectile dysfunction but it was not exactly known why until today, as research on the fragments of this shrub has confirmed that butea superba also improves the erection of the male member, as well as its erectile function.

Increased Sexual Desire

The increase in sexual relations caused by Butea Superba is due to phytopathogens, as this substance mimics male hormones, allowing it to have this type of effect exclusively in men. It should be noted that at the same time its consumption can influence energy, strength, and muscle tone of individuals.

Heart and Bone Health

The pueraria mirifica shrub can be a great ally in balancing cholesterol levels, thus improving the cardiovascular function of the person, which in the long run can prevent potential heart problems. As for the impact this herb has on an individual’s bone health, it has been discovered that its intake has a significant effect on both resistance and bone mineral density, which may be due to its nutrient absorption in the intestine.

Other Possible Uses of Butea Superba

  • Relief against diarrhea.
  • Future cancer treatment.
  • Reduction of fever.
  • Increased blood circulation.
  • Decrease in tensions and pains.
  • Increased breast and hair growth.
  • Boost libido to reduce fatigue.
  • Improve heart health.
  • Help in painful or difficult urination.

How is it Ingested?

This herb can be easily acquired if purchased in pill or capsule form, as this is how it is currently marketed. However, it is important that when you are going to consume this type of medication, the most appropriate thing is to go to a doctor to prescribe the correct dose. Although in most cases, the capsules of this plant are prescribed after each meal, that is, 3 times a day. The effects that manifest after its consumption are associated with the male reproductive organs, leading to a stimulation of the same, however, it does not occur immediately.

Precautions and Contraindications

Butea superba is protected through its purchase and sale in low doses, so its use can be self-medicated without the need to consult an expert. However, if you plan to break this scheme and use this medication in high doses, it is very important to consult with a professional who will indicate the maximum you can take without risking your health.

effects butea superba

Several points should be taken into account if you wish to use this medication daily, as there are always safer alternatives for

those who suffer from or are going through any of the following contraindications:

  • Very little information is known about the effects of Butea Superba in women who are going through their pregnancy or breastfeeding period, so it is not recommended to undergo such treatment during these states.
  • If you are following a previous treatment for male sexual dysfunction, it is best to avoid this traditional medication, otherwise its combination with other products could cause severe hypotension.
  • If in the past you had a bad experience or possible allergic reactions to this type of phytotherapy, it is best to seek other alternatives to butea superba, although you can also get a medical check-up to see what kind of effect it would cause based on your previous experience.

Side Effects of Butea Superba

It has been discovered that the effects contracted by the powdered root of the butea superba shrub are effective in terms of erectile dysfunction without intermediate side effects, which may be due to its low concentration. However, according to various studies, if this treatment is consumed for more than 90 days in a row at the maximum dose, it could manifest the following symptoms or side effects in patients:

  • Inflammation of the spleen.
  • Drastic and adverse changes in low testosterone levels.
  • Alterations of blood chemicals.

Note: To know if the consumed dose is considered low or very high, you can be guided by the established safety limit which is defined as 0.2 mg per 100 grams of user weight, it is from 1000 mg/kg of weight that it can be capable of generating the known genotoxic effects.