We're a company that was founded over 5 years ago in Michigan for the purpose of importing natural products from all over world and distributing them through our website. We started with just a handful of items, but now have expanded to offer 20 different types from various regions across South America as well other areas like Asia or Europe!

Our products speak for themselves

We’re committed to providing you with high-quality products at competitive prices while offering an exceptional customer service. We take into account sustainability when considering selling new items in our store, as well as being fair towards both suppliers and customers so please don’t hesitate contact us if there is anything that needs clarification!

Direct contact with farmers

We are the only market place in America that offers such a wide range of natural products. Our business relationship with farmers and our experience importing previously unknowns into this country has allowed us to stand out as one-of-a kind retailers, bringing people together from all over just for their favorite foods!