The best Syrian Rue / Peganum harmala / alharma

We offer you the best Syrian rue seeds from North Africa and India, which have been cultivated with the most typical procedures of the region. All our products are organic and effective for those who wish to consume and experience stimulating and relaxing effects for nervousness, acute pains, and other illnesses.

The quality of our products is completely guaranteed, and we have an excellent reputation, thanks to our most loyal customers. They constantly buy Syrian rue seeds to treat psychiatric conditions, combine them with other ingredients, and burn them as incense. In addition, the effects can be more effective and instantaneous because it is much more concentrated in this presentation.

Peganum harmala, also known as Syrian rue, Sharma, or harmal, is a seed used in traditional medicine in North Africa, India, Italy, Spain, and the United States as a therapeutic method for Parkinson’s disease, as well as other ailments such as menstrual discomfort, interruption of pregnancy or even cancer. Although it is also possible to use its roots, fruits, and bark, many buyers prefer its grains thanks to its concentrate.

Our purpose is to provide you with the highest quality and effectiveness in 100% natural and organic products, with the potential to create hallucinations and exciting trips. Therefore, we have the most sought after and powerful presentation of this plant as its seed, which our customers can use as they prefer according to their cultures or needs.

In Iran and Turkey, it is known as an excellent talismanic protector against the evil eye. At the same time, in places like the Near East, it can be used as an aphrodisiac or in the form of tinctures, as well as it is possible to ingest only the seeds by chewing them with your teeth and making sure that they can be in contact with your saliva, just for a few minutes before swallowing them. Another effective way to consume them would be to crush the grains until we get a grit that we can introduce into gelatin capsules, and with this, we assure you that you will not lose any of its active ingredients when preparing them.

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