Rapé Caneleiro

Purchase your Rapé Caneleiro now: an authentic Amazonian snuff for spiritual and physical wellness. Crafted with tradition and respect, this rapé connects you with the ancestral wisdom of the Amazon. Ideal for meditation and natural relief.

Rapé Bashawa

Explore the unique Rapé Bashawa from Supernatural Forest, offering mental clarity and spiritual connection. Crafted with traditional Amazonian wisdom, this rapé is perfect for enhancing meditation and promoting holistic well-being.

Rapé Aroeria

Buy Rapé Aroeira online: Experience the unique Amazonian blend for spiritual and physical wellness. Authentic and sustainably sourced, ideal for holistic healing

Rapé Angico

Explore Rapé Angico at Supernatural Forest, a unique Amazonian blend for respiratory wellness and mental clarity. Authentic and sustainably sourced, perfect for holistic healing.

Rapé Mulungu

Explore Rapé Mulungu at Supernatural Forest, a calming Amazonian blend for mental tranquility and balance. Authentic and sustainably sourced, ideal for deep relaxation.

Rapé Mulateiro

Explore Rapé Mulateiro at Supernatural Forest, an Amazonian blend for renewal and mental clarity. Authentic and sustainable, ideal for holistic wellness.

Rapé Katsaral

Explore Rapé Katsaral at Supernatural Forest, an Amazonian blend for spiritual cleansing and expansion. Crafted by indigenous tribes, it's perfect for deep meditation and mental clarity.

Rapé Eucalipto

Discover the invigorating blend of Rapé Eucalyptus, perfect for enhancing energy and mental clarity. Authentic and refreshing, ideal for holistic wellness.

Rapé Cumaru

Experience Rapé Cumaru for spiritual strength and mental clarity. A unique Amazonian blend for deep connection and protection.

Rapé Chicha

Discover Rapé Chicha, an Amazonian blend for vitality and renewal. Authentic and natural, perfect for holistic wellness and spiritual connection.

Rapé Tsunu

Experience Rapé Tsunu, a Yawanawa blend for mental clarity and spiritual connection. Authentic and powerful, ideal for meditation and energy cleansing.

Rapé Parica

Discover Rapé Parica, a potent blend for strength and sacred connection. Ideal for deep spiritual practice and energy cleansing.

Rapé Nissural

Experience Rapé Nissural, a Katukina blend for mental clarity and spiritual cleansing. Authentic and potent, ideal for deep meditation and energy work.

Rapé Murici

Experience Rapé Murici, a Huni Kuin blend for vitality and natural harmony. Authentic and balancing, perfect for spiritual wellness

Welcome to an ancestral and revealing journey into the world of Rapé, a sacred practice that transcends the conventional to offer a deeply spiritual and purifying experience. Far from being just tobacco, Rapé is a ceremonial powder composed of natural and sacred ingredients used for centuries by indigenous tribes to connect with the spiritual world and achieve greater mental clarity.

This fine powder, which is inhaled through the nose in an act of deep respect and awareness, is much more than a substance: it is a gateway to introspection and healing. Each grain of Rapé carries with it the wisdom of ancestral cultures and offers a unique opportunity for those seeking to deepen their spiritual journey. As you delve into this world, you will discover how Rapé can be an ally in your search for balance, inner peace, and connection with nature.

What is Rapé? A Journey into Shamanic Tradition

Rapé is a unique ceremonial powder originating from the shamanic traditions of the Amazon. Primarily composed of Nicotiana Rustica tobacco and a selection of medicinal herbs and sacred tree ashes, this product is not for smoking but is inhaled through the nose in small amounts. Its traditional use focuses on mental and physical cleansing, offering an experience that goes beyond the usual.

Users of Rapé seek enhanced mental clarity and a more focused state of consciousness. It is known for its properties that help center and calm the mind, creating a space for reflection and introspection. While it has spiritual roots, Rapé is also valued for its practical effects, such as aiding in meditation and as a means to disconnect from daily hustle.

Discover the Transformative Benefits of Rapé: Mental and Physical Health

Rapé is not merely a substance used in shamanic rituals; it also offers a range of both spiritual and physical benefits. These benefits stem from its unique composition and method of use, providing effects that can positively influence the overall well-being of the user.

  • Mental Clarity and Focus: Rapé helps to clear the mind, reducing mental noise and improving concentration. This makes it ideal for moments of reflection or for preparing for tasks that require mindful attention.
  • Spiritual Connection: Traditionally used in spiritual practices, Rapé facilitates a deeper connection with the inner self and the spiritual world, helping users to align with their intentions and purposes.
  • Purification and Cleansing: It is used for cleansing the body and spirit of negative energies, providing a sense of renewal and lightness.
  • Physical Relaxation: Despite its stimulating nature, many users experience physical relaxation after its use, contributing to a state of calm and well-being.

Traditional and Modern Uses of Rapé

Rapé is utilized in various ways, each with its own purpose and benefit. The use varies according to cultural tradition and personal preferences, but here we highlight some of the most common and significant uses.

  • Meditation and Spiritual Practices: Rapé is used as a facilitator to enter deep meditative states, helping users to focus and connect with their spirituality.
  • Cleansing Rituals: In many cultures, Rapé is part of cleansing rituals, used to purify the body and spirit before important ceremonies.
  • Enhancing Concentration: Some users turn to Rapé to improve their concentration and focus on specific tasks, taking advantage of its mind-clearing effect.
  • Nasal Congestion Relief: Due to its properties, Rapé can be used as a natural remedy to alleviate nasal and respiratory congestion.

How to Use Rapé: A Practical Guide with the Kuripe

Rapé, a ceremonial powder used in shamanic practices, is consumed in a unique way through a special instrument called Kuripe. This small V-shaped tube is essential in the Rapé application ritual, offering a personal and profound experience.

What is a Kuripe?

The Kuripe is a small, portable tobacco pipe usually handmade from wood or bone. Designed for the self-administration of Rapé, this tool allows users to apply the powder independently and controlled. The Kuripe connects the mouth with one of the nostrils, facilitating a clean and efficient application of Rapé.

Using the Kuripe to Apply Rapé:

  • Preparation: Before using Rapé, it’s important to focus and relax. Many users take a moment to breathe deeply or repeat an internal mantra to calm the mind.
  • Dosage of Rapé: Place a small amount of Rapé (about 0.25 grams for beginners) in the palm of your hand or on a piece of folded paper. Use the flat side of the Kuripe to flatten any large lumps of Rapé.
  • Loading the Kuripe: Carefully place half of the Rapé at the end of the Kuripe destined for the nose. Tap gently to settle the powder in the V-shaped elbow of the Kuripe.
  • Application: The traditional application begins with the left nostril, symbolizing the death of negative energies, followed by the right, representing the rebirth of positive changes. Inhale deeply and hold your breath while placing the Kuripe in the left nostril and between the lips. Exhale slowly, blowing the Rapé through the tube into the nostril.
  • Cleaning the Kuripe: After each use, clean the Kuripe externally with wet wipes or tissue paper. For internal cleaning, use damp cotton swabs to remove any tobacco residue.

Important Considerations:

Rapé is a tobacco product and, as such, should be used in moderation to avoid dependency. Each person’s experience with Rapé can vary, and it’s important to start with small doses to understand personal tolerance. Maintaining proper hygiene of the Kuripe is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience.

The Kuripe: An Intimate and Personal Way to Experience Rapé

The Kuripe offers an intimate and personal way to experience Rapé, allowing users to control the dosage and application. This tool not only facilitates the use of Rapé but also becomes a meaningful object in the user’s spiritual and meditative practice.

Varieties of Rapé: Discover Your Connection

At Supernatural Forest, we offer a carefully curated selection of Rapé, each with its unique characteristics and benefits. From traditional varieties to special blends, our Rapé collection is designed to cater to both connoisseurs and new explorers of this ancestral practice. Below, we present our available varieties, each with its distinctive essence:

  • Rapé Caneleiro: A blend known for its soft aroma and its ability to promote mental clarity and concentration.
  • Rapé Bashawa: Known for its balancing properties, this Rapé is ideal for those seeking harmony and inner calm.
  • Rapé Aroeria: This variety offers a revitalizing experience, ideal for moments of deep reflection and meditation.
  • Rapé Angico: Favored for its purifying effect, Rapé Angico is an excellent choice for spiritual cleansing rituals.
  • Rapé Mulungu: Known for its relaxing properties, this Rapé is ideal for alleviating stress and promoting a state of tranquility.
  • Rapé Mulateiro: This variety stands out for its ability to enhance mental clarity and focus, making it a popular choice for meditation.
  • Rapé Katsaral: Offers a unique experience known for its intensity and depth, ideal for experienced users.
  • Rapé Eucalyptus: With its refreshing aroma and decongestant properties, this Rapé is perfect for physical and spiritual cleansing.
  • Rapé Cumaru: This variety is appreciated for its sweet aroma and its ability to induce a state of deep relaxation.
  • Rapé Chicha: With a unique profile, Rapé Chicha is ideal for those seeking a different and enriching experience.
  • Rapé Tsunu: A classic in the world of Rapé, known for its balance between intensity and softness, ideal for purification.
  • Rapé Parica: This variety is characterized by its strength and is ideal for experienced Rapé users.
  • Rapé Nissural: A soft and balanced option, perfect for those new to the world of Rapé.
  • Rapé Murici: Known for its calming qualities, this Rapé is ideal for moments of relaxation and reflection.

Each of these Rapé varieties has been selected for its quality and authenticity, offering a unique and enriching experience. Explore our collection and find the connection that resonates with you.

Frequently asked questions

Does Rapé Have Side Effects or Risks?

Although Rapé is considered safe when used with respect and in the appropriate context, it can cause side effects such as nasal irritation, sneezing, or nausea immediately after its use. Additionally, its tobacco component could lead to dependence if used frequently.

Can Anyone Use Rapé?

While many people use Rapé, it is not recommended for pregnant women, individuals with severe respiratory conditions, or those with hypersensitivity to any of its components. It is advised to consult with a specialist or experienced therapist before its use.

How Do You Choose the Right Type of Rapé?

The choice of the right Rapé depends on the intention behind its use, the plants it contains, and the energy sought. It is recommended to research the different blends and talk to a guide or experienced therapist who can advise on the most suitable type according to individual needs.

Is Rapé Safe for Pregnant Women or Those in the Breastfeeding Period?

The use of Rapé is not recommended for pregnant women or those in the breastfeeding period due to the lack of studies on its safety in these groups. Tobacco and other plants present in Rapé can have harmful effects on fetal development and the baby's health.

Can Children Use Rapé?

The use of Rapé is not suitable for children. The psychoactive components and tobacco it contains can negatively affect their development and health.

Are There Any Contraindications for the Use of Rapé?

Individuals with preexisting respiratory conditions, heart problems, hypertension, or sensitivity to Rapé's components should avoid its use. It is always advisable to consult a health professional before trying Rapé, especially if there are underlying health conditions.

Can Rapé Interact With Medications or Other Substances?

While there are no extensive studies on Rapé's interactions with medications or other substances, caution is essential. Tobacco and other components may interact with certain medications, enhancing their effects or decreasing their efficacy. It is recommended to discuss the use of Rapé with a health professional if you are on medication.

How Should Rapé Be Stored to Preserve Its Potency?

Rapé should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place to preserve its potency. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and moisture to prevent the deterioration of its active components.

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