Thanks to the recent surge in cannabis popularity, and the ongoing debate over cannabis legalization, more and more people are becoming interested in learning about this plant and its properties. As we well know, knowledge is power – the power to make better decisions in our lives.

The literature on this topic is abundant, and nowadays, there are a great number of books aimed at shedding light on the subject and raising awareness. Therefore, we bring you this list of the 7 best books on CBD that you can easily find, to keep you up-to-date and understand what cannabidiol and its countless therapeutic uses are all about.

The Best Books on CBD

Through a careful selection of books, this article guides you through the fascinating world of CBD. You’ll discover how science and personal experience intertwine to reveal the secrets of this compound, offering a complete overview of its extraction, use, and proven benefits. Dive into this exploration and discover how CBD is redefining the boundaries of wellness.

Merry Jane’s Solutions Series: A Comprehensive Approach to CBD

Merry Jane’s Solutions Series: A Comprehensive Approach to CBD

The “Merry Jane’s Solutions Series” delves into the world of CBD with a practical and specific focus. These books provide a detailed view of how CBD can be integrated into different aspects of daily life. Here’s a glimpse at each of the titles mentioned:

“The CBD Solution: Sex”

Written by award-winning sexual educator Ashley Manta, known as “cannasexual,” this book is a guide for lovers. It details how to create a kit of various and ingenious tools to enhance your sexual life based on CBD. It addresses how CBD can be used to improve intimacy, relaxation, and well-being in sexual relationships, offering advice, testimonials, and studies that suggest how CBD could enhance the sexual experience, from reducing anxiety to improving sensitivity and emotional connection.

“The CBD Solution: Wellness”

Focused on overall wellness, this book delves into how CBD can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. From stress relief to support in physical recovery and improving sleep, this book offers a comprehensive guide on how CBD can be an ally in the pursuit of overall wellness.

“The CBD Solution: Living”

This book explores the use of CBD in everyday life. It offers practical advice on how to incorporate CBD into daily routines, from cooking to skincare. Different products and methods of application are discussed, providing valuable information on dosage and safety.

Each book in the “Merry Jane’s Solutions Series” is a window into the potential of CBD, offering a unique mix of practical advice, scientific research, and personal testimonials. If you’re looking to understand how CBD can enrich different areas of your life, this series is an excellent starting point.

This is not just one, but three wonderful volumes published by the Merry Jane website, a portal dedicated to spreading everything related to cannabis culture, by two renowned authors considered authorities on the subject: Lauren Wilson and Ashley Manta. Let’s see what each one is about:

CBD: A Guide for the Patient on Medicinal Cannabis

CBD: A Guide for the Patient on Medicinal Cannabis

Written by Leonard Leinow and Julianna Birnbaum, this book is a spectacular guide on CBD and its properties. It is an essential source for those interested in understanding the medicinal use of CBD. Presented as a comprehensive resource for both patients and health professionals, it offers a deep and accessible view of cannabidiol and its application in modern medicine. Among the topics covered in this book, you will find:

  • Fundamentals of CBD: The book begins by explaining what CBD is, how it is extracted from the cannabis plant, and the fundamental difference between CBD and THC. It provides a solid foundation for understanding why CBD does not produce psychoactive effects and how it acts in the body.
  • Medicinal Applications: One of the most valuable parts of the book is its detailed exploration of the medicinal applications of CBD. It addresses a variety of conditions, from chronic pains and autoimmune diseases to sleep disorders and anxiety. The book presents case studies, scientific research, and personal testimonials that illustrate the efficacy of CBD in different clinical contexts.
  • Practical Guide for Patients: In addition to the theory, the book offers a practical guide for patients interested in using CBD. This includes advice on how to choose quality products, understand dosages, and recognize the most effective forms of administration for different conditions.
  • Legal and Safety Considerations: Finally, the guide addresses the legal and safety considerations related to the use of CBD. It provides updated information on legislation in different regions and advice on how to navigate the CBD market safely and legally.

CBD: What You Need to Know” by Dr. Gregory Smith – An Expert Look into the World of CBD

Continuing our list is a book written for those who want to know the truth about cannabidiol and its properties. Its author, Dr. Gregory Smith, has created this magnificent book, well substantiated scientifically, to enable us to make well-informed decisions after reading it. In it, you will find:

 What You Need to Know" by Dr. Gregory Smith – An Expert Look into the World of CBD
  • Scientific Stories and Patient Experiences with CBD: How CBD affects the body and brain.
  • Using CBD to Treat Different Medical Conditions: A CBD protocol to combat opioid consumption.

This work is essential for those seeking a deep and evidence-based understanding of cannabidiol (CBD). This book stands out for the authority and experience of Dr. Smith in the field of cannabinoid medicine, providing a source of information for both novices and those knowledgeable in the topic.

Book Highlights

  • Scientific Fundamentals of CBD: Dr. Smith begins by establishing a solid scientific foundation, explaining what CBD is, how it differs from THC, and its mechanism of action in the human body. The detailed explanation of the scientific aspects makes the book an excellent reference for understanding CBD from a medical perspective.
  • Therapeutic Benefits and Applications: One of the central focuses of the book is the analysis of the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Dr. Smith reviews the current evidence on how CBD can be used to treat a variety of health conditions, including chronic ailments, neurological disorders, and mental health issues.
  • Practical Guide and Recommendations: In addition to theoretical information, the book offers a practical guide on the use of CBD. Dr. Smith provides recommendations on dosage, methods of administration, and tips for selecting high-quality and safe CBD products.
  • Demystifying Myths and Controversies: The book also addresses some of the myths and controversies surrounding CBD. Dr. Smith uses his expertise to clarify common misunderstandings and offers a balanced perspective on the potential risks and benefits of CBD.
  • Focus on Research and Future Development: Finally, “CBD: What You Need to Know” highlights current research areas and what the future may hold in terms of therapeutic applications and policy development related to CBD.

“It’s Just a Plant: A Children’s Story About Marijuana” by Ricardo Cortés – Cannabis Education for Children

The book “It’s Just a Plant: A Children’s Story About Marijuana,” by Ricardo Cortés, is an innovative and brave work that addresses the topic of cannabis from an educational perspective tailored for children. This book stands out for its sensitive and educational approach, providing parents and educators with a tool to discuss a topic often considered taboo with children.

"It's Just a Plant: A Children's Story About Marijuana" by Ricardo Cortés – Cannabis Education for Children

Book Highlights

  • Child-Friendly and Educational Narrative: Cortés successfully presents the topic of cannabis in a way that is both informative and appropriate for children. The story is told through the eyes of a child character, facilitating identification by young readers.
  • Demystification and Open Dialogue: The book seeks to demystify marijuana, presenting it as a plant with various uses, including medicinal and recreational. Through its narrative, it encourages open and honest dialogue between children and adults about cannabis, its uses, and social perceptions around it.
  • Attractive Illustrations: Cortés’ colorful and attractive illustrations complement the narrative, making the book visually stimulating and accessible to a young audience. These images help simplify complex concepts and add a playful element to learning.
  • Education on Responsible Use: “It’s Just a Plant” not only informs about marijuana but also emphasizes the importance of responsible use and informed decision-making. This is done in an age-appropriate manner, without promoting or discouraging use, but rather focusing on education and safety.
  • Resource for Parents and Educators: This book is a valuable resource for parents and educators looking to discuss marijuana with children in an open and educational way. It provides a starting point for deeper discussions about drugs, health, and personal choices.

“It’s Just a Plant: A Children’s Story About Marijuana” is a pioneering book that dares to address a complex topic in a way that is respectful, educational, and accessible to children. It’s a recommended read for those looking to introduce the topic of cannabis in a responsible and didactic manner to younger generations.

“Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs” by Dr. Caroline Cole – A Guide to CBD in Canine Health

The book “Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs,” written by Dr. Caroline Cole, focuses on an increasingly relevant topic: the use of CBD in the treatment and care of dogs. This book is especially valuable for pet owners and veterinarians interested in understanding how CBD can benefit the health and well-being of dogs.

Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs" by Dr. Caroline Cole – A Guide to CBD in Canine Health

Contents and Book Focus

  • Fundamentals of CBD in Veterinary Medicine: Dr. Cole begins by establishing a solid foundation on what CBD is and how it acts in dogs. The book clearly explains the science behind CBD, including its interaction with the endocannabinoid system in animals.
  • Therapeutic Benefits and Uses: A main focus of the book is to examine the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD for dogs. Dr. Cole discusses how CBD can be used to treat conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and even certain neurological diseases in dogs.
  • Research and Case Studies: Through research and case studies, the book provides evidence on the effectiveness and safety of using CBD in dogs. Dr. Cole discusses current studies and shares real-life experiences of how CBD has improved the quality of life of canines.
  • Practical Guide for Pet Owners: In addition to theoretical information, the book offers a practical guide for pet owners. It includes advice on how to select quality CBD products, proper dosing, and how to introduce CBD into a dog’s health regimen.
  • Safety and Legal Considerations: Dr. Cole also addresses safety and legal considerations related to the use of CBD in animals. She offers advice on how to navigate these aspects in an informed and responsible way.

“Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs” by Dr. Caroline Cole is an essential read for anyone interested in the well-being and medical care of dogs. The book not only provides a solid scientific foundation but also is a practical and accessible guide to incorporating CBD into the care of dogs safely and effectively.

“The Athlete’s Guide to CBD” – Optimizing Performance and Recovery

“The Athlete’s Guide to CBD” is an indispensable resource for athletes and sports enthusiasts interested in integrating CBD into their training and recovery regimens. This book provides a complete and practical view of how CBD can be used to enhance athletic performance, accelerate recovery, and maintain optimal physical well-being.

"The Athlete's Guide to CBD" – Optimizing Performance and Recovery

Content and Book Focus

  • CBD in Sports: The book begins by exploring the role of CBD in the sports world, explaining how this compound can benefit athletes. It examines the relationship between CBD and performance enhancement, as well as its potential to relieve pain and inflammation related to intense training.
  • Recovery and Rehabilitation: A key focus is the use of CBD in recovery and rehabilitation. The book addresses how CBD can aid in muscle recovery, reduce downtime due to injuries, and improve sleep quality, which is crucial for physical recovery.
  • Legal and Doping Aspects: Given the importance of the topic in professional sports, the book also deals with the legal implications of using CBD in competitions. It includes information about anti-doping regulations and how CBD fits within the permitted parameters in professional sports.
  • Practical Guide for Athletes: The book not only offers theoretical information but also provides a practical guide for athletes interested in incorporating CBD into their routine. It includes recommendations on dosage, methods of administration, and selecting high-quality CBD products.
  • Testimonials and Case Studies: Finally, the guide includes testimonials and case studies of athletes who have incorporated CBD into their training and recovery. These real-life stories provide valuable insight into the effectiveness of CBD in the sports field.

An essential book in your collection if you are an athlete or regularly practice sports. In this book, Scott Douglas explains and illustrates all the ways in which CBD is highly beneficial for those who train or practice sports, based on the opinions of experts in the field and the testimony of athletes who have discovered the benefits of CBD.

“The CBD Kitchen” by Leah Vanderveldt – Exploring the Culinary Delights of CBD

This is an innovative book that opens up a world of culinary possibilities for integrating CBD into daily cooking. Ideal for those looking to incorporate the benefits of CBD into their diet in a delicious and creative way.

The CBD Kitchen" by Leah Vanderveldt – Exploring the Culinary Delights of CBD

The text begins with an introduction to CBD, explaining its properties, benefits, and how it can be used in cooking. The book provides a solid foundation for understanding how CBD interacts with the body and how it can be safely and effectively incorporated into various recipes.

Content and Book Focus

  • Recipes and Culinary Applications: The heart of the book is its recipes. Vanderveldt presents a wide range of dishes, from starters and main courses to desserts and drinks, all incorporating CBD. The recipes are both innovative and accessible, ensuring that cooks of all levels can enjoy cooking with CBD.
  • Practical Cooking Tips: In addition to the recipes, the book is full of practical tips for cooking with CBD. This includes guides on how to properly dose CBD in cooking, how to pair it with different flavors, and how to preserve its properties during the cooking process.
  • Focus on Health and Well-being: Vanderveldt not only focuses on flavor but also on how the recipes can contribute to overall well-being. The book highlights how CBD can complement a healthy diet, offering benefits like anxiety reduction and improved sleep.
  • Photographs and Visual Inspiration: “The CBD Kitchen” is beautifully illustrated with photographs that not only make the book visually attractive but also serve as inspiration for those looking to present their dishes artistically and appetizingly.

This is much more than a cookbook; it’s a source of inspiration for those interested in exploring the world of CBD from a culinary perspective. Offering a unique blend of delicious recipes, practical tips, and a focus on wellness, this book is an indispensable addition to the library of any cooking and CBD enthusiast